Ballet Academy of Arizona

Our Program

The Ballet Academy of Arizona teaches the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus to children from the ages of 3 years through 18 years old.

The Royal Academy of Dance syllabus has been developed to ensure the safe and correct way of teaching ballet to children, demanding no more from their growing bodies than they can easily cope with.

Within the scope of this Syllabus, Caroline has developed a ballet program for her students that is challenging and fun. The children feel a sense of accomplishment and confidence through this carefully thought-out program.

Our program consists of the following levels:

Creative Ballet 1:
This class is specially developed for three year olds. It is imaginative using both fine and gross motor skills. The use of props and different kinds of music, beats and rhythms makes this a magical environment for young children. They learn all about taking turns and helping each other.

Creative Ballet 2:
This class is for four year olds. Building on the foundation and principles of Creative Ballet 1, the development of gross motor skills and the ability of dancing with a partner are encouraged. The children are always amazed at what they can accomplish and this further enhances their self-esteem and confidence. Lovely friendships blossom in these classes.

This class is for Kindergarten children and is the first level of the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus. We continue the program with an emphasis on poise and grace. This is the first time that the children can take part in the Royal Academy of Dance examinations. They are always excited and very proud to show an international Examiner what they can do. The certificates they receive from the Royal Academy of Dance in London are internationally recognized and are a wonderful personal achievement for the children.

The Royal Academy of Dance examinations continue from Pre-Primary through RAD Grade 8.

Each Spring, an Examiner from the Royal Academy of Dance in London visits our studio to conduct ballet examinations. These are always exciting days and the children look forward to them with anticipation and excitement!

Primary 1 and 2:
These classes are for first and second grade children and they learn the next level in the Royal Academy Syllabus.

We concentrate on natural turnout which is essential when teaching young children. The children learn to work within their own body lines and start learning the French and English terminology.

They learn Free Movement as well as Classical Ballet and we incorporate Character dancing.

RAD Grades 1 through 8:
As the children progress through the next levels of the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus, they are introduced to Hungarian, Russian and Polish dancing which is more theatrical and is very exciting to learn.

Our focus continues on the Classical Ballet and the development of Free Movement, which is very lyrical.

Students who complete their Grade 8 Performance Award become Student Members of the Royal Academy of Dance, which is a wonderful accomplishment.

Since the examination certificates that are issued by the Royal Academy of Dance are International, they become part of the children’s scholar portfolio and are recognized by Colleges and Universities not only in the USA, but internationally. The certificates certainly validate an extra-curricular activity that has been challenging to learn and has developed not only a sense of confidence, poise and grace in our students, but also the appreciation for beautiful music and, above all, the joy of dancing.