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There is something amazing happening in Bulembu, Swaziland.  During my trip to South Africa I had a wonderful opportunity to volunteer in Bulembu and work with the children who live there.

This little town was an Asbestos mine which closed in 2001 in the most beautiful mountains in Swaziland.  Bulembu is now home to “throw away” children who nobody wanted and who now live in a caring, loving environment. These children will be the future leaders of Swaziland.  They are looked after by “aunties”, 6 to 8 children in a little house.  These women have been selected and trained to care for the children in a loving and structured environment.

The children attend school, take part in Sport and Cultural activities, learn skills that enrich their lives and are surrounded by love!

My experience in Bulembu was life-changing.  I met some amazing people who volunteer and work there.  Some of them volulnteered just as I did  and they have since moved to Bulembu to live there full-time!

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