Ballet Academy of Arizona
Ballet Academy of Arizona

About the Ballet Academy

Learning Ballet is a wonderful adventure!

Ballet is a lot of fun and develops a sense of poise and co-ordination in children. Taking a ballet class is a very social activity and is a great place for parents and children to meet others with a similar passion. Children learn self-confidence and how to work together all while developing a passion for dance.

In addition to providing a safe learning environment where children develop self-esteem and respect for others, ballet also challenges students to develop sequencing and logic skills that use both the left and right brain. Here at the Ballet Academy of Arizona, we encourage this development through musicality, using helpful tools like scarves, wands, rhythm sticks, and tambourines.

And of course, ballet also gives children the opportunity to perform in front of an audience should they choose to do so. Everybody loves a recital!

The Ballet Academy of Arizona teaches the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus to children ages 3-18.  The RAD is an international teaching organization and was formed to ensure the safe teaching of ballet to children. The Royal Academy Syllabus has been developed especially for young bodies demanding no more from a growing child than they can easily cope with. The syllabus is challenging and fun and encompasses classical ballet, free movement and character dancing.